A Prayer for Us All.

Dear Lord,

Thank you for all of your blessings and favor.

The United States is hurting right now,

from massive forest fires in the west,

to the hurricanes in the southeast,

to an attempt at our history to get erased,

to all of the bad, the hate, the lies, and the illegal cheating,

we need you, Lord.

We need you to shine in the hearts of all of the good people,

saved or not.

We need you breath your life into our souls,

cast your light into our darkness,

give us strength, courage, and humbleness

to help those we can.

Take away our selfishness.

Our lack of vision to care for our fellow neighbor,

even if they are miles away

across state lines.

Help us to reach out,

even in the smallest ways,

because those ways still matter.

Lord, we pray for all of the animals involved,

those who had to flee.

We pray for their habitat,

that it will grow back,

and that nice people will go in

and help them out.

Their homes are important too.

Trees that give us fresh air.

Shrubs that conceal burrows.

Rocks for coolness and for sunbathing.

The grass which feeds so many,

and gives the earth its softness and beauty.

Dear Lord, grow it all back for them,

Let it flourish.

Let it be.

We Thank You.

We Love you.

In Jesus Name,






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