Today is September 27, 2016

Today is September 27, 2016

One month ago, today, we had a typical baby, but not in a typical way. It was one in the morning and I had just gone to bed after cleaning the house and taking a shower. I decided to try to get some rest, because I was scheduled for an inducement of labor the following morning at 7:00 am. My legs had been hurting off and on all night, normally it was just my left leg that hurt, but that night both legs were hurting. It wasn’t even an hour, when I woke up screaming. My body was in complete pain. There were only seconds between me telling my husband it was time to go and my water breaking. 2:00 am. I barely made it to the bathroom, before it would have been everywhere. My husband, Bud, had already dressed, put the cat cage outside and opened it, before I could ask him for a towel. While I was dressing, and trying to figure out if underwear was even necessary, he was already out the door, prepping the car, and loading our stuff inside. He came back to get me and we wobbled our way to the car. The only thing I had to tell him to do was to shut the gate, because he was already buckling up. He set his GPS, and we raced down the driveway and out of Liverpool. With hazard lights on we were on our way to the hospital, going as fast and as safely as we could down our pitch black country road.

With the hospital located in Galveston, an hour away from our house, he was already on the phone, with the hospital, notifying them that I was in labor and we were on our way. Bud was highly stressed, because every few minutes I would start screaming from another contraction. Somehow, though, he remained calm and focused. Just a few minutes after he hung up with the hospital, I went through my last period of no pain until the pain was so intense that I started hollering for Bud to call an ambulance; that the baby was coming. As he called 9-1-1, he had to ask me several times to try to not scream. The dispatch notified the police and called an ambulance for us. We pulled into the deserted Texaco, as we were told.

For several minutes, it felt as if nobody was going to show up. Bud stayed on the line with 9-1-1, and when it seemed like Bud was going to have to deliver the baby himself, the dispatcher was already starting to prepare him with instructions, like reminding me to breath.

I was completely contorted in my seat, clutching the seat belt holder shrieking in pain. All I wanted was somebody to show up. That baby was minutes away from coming out, and the last we heard, the deputy was stuck behind a train. Then, in the midst of all my screaming, we heard it. Sirens. Someone was about to arrive!

It was a Sheriff’s car. The officer, Deputy Gómez, already had his gloves on, and started to get his partner in position and started to talk to us, shocked that the ambulance wasn’t there yet. After he introduced himself to me, and had already told me to breath and tried to get me to calm down some, I noticed him talking to Bud, telling him to get the car seat out from behind my seat, but with the baby literally seconds away and my contractions being so close together, I yelled at him to look at me. He commanded me to breath and to lean my chair back as far as it would go. That’s when it started.

Before I knew it, I was pushing, breathing, and crying all at the same time. I found Bud with my eyes, squeezed his hand, and I yelled that I loved him in between pushing and breathing. I saw the EMS man get into the driver’s seat. By that time the baby’s head had crowned. Deputy Gómez repeatedly commanded that I breath, push, and that I open my eyes to let him know that I was still with him. “One more push!” I heard him say, and the baby was out. Staring at my newborn baby in his hands, I could tell that he was panicked, hitting our baby to make him cry, and there was a celebration of relief when he did. Frantically, I started yelling about the umbilical cord. The EMS man wasn’t confident on where to cut it, so Deputy Gómez took the scissors from him and cut it himself.

It was time to move me. The EMS lady and the other policeman had everything in place for me to get on the stretcher. Once I was on and realized my robe was soiled, I had them take it off me, and EMS belted me to the stretcher so that I wouldn’t tumble off while they were loading me in the back of the ambulance. I made sure Bud loaded all of my bags in the ambulance, so that they would be with me, no matter what. He was going to drive the car to the hospital, but I couldn’t hold the baby during the ride, because I still had to give birth the placenta, and I was still having strong contractions.

While Bud was parking the car, I asked if I could hold my baby. I didn’t get to hold my baby first last time, and I want to make sure I was the first one to hold him this time. He was so small and gentle in my arms. I couldn’t think of loving anything so small, so new, so much in my life. It only lasted for a moment, because I felt another contraction coming on, so I hand my newborn son back to the EMS man. Bud got in and we hit the road to the Angleton-Danbury Hospital where I gave birth to the placenta and where we stayed overnight, with my family, Deputy Gómez and his wife, and Channel Eleven New all coming to visit and interview us. We were an overnight sensation.

William One Month Old.jpg

William Allen Loper was born at 2:55 am, August 27, 2016, in our car at a Texaco. He is healthy and strong, already trying to hold his head up the first day he was alive.

God was with us every step of the way. It was a pure miracle that William was born safe, strong, and healthy, and that I didn’t have to give my life up in the process.

Glory be to God!

2 thoughts on “Today is September 27, 2016

  1. Beautiful story, something to tell your son when he is a older. What a blessing officer Elder Gomez was there in your time of need. I know his wife and I know of his character and indeed he is a fine man and a blessing to have been there for you all.
    God bless

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    1. Thank you for kind comment. ☺I can’t say how much of a blessing he was to us. All I know is that the whole situation was beautifully orchestrated by God, it was would have never worked out if not.


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