Carrie Mueller: God loves her, but so do we.

Carrie Mueller
Carrie Mueller

When someone so close and influential in your life passes on, it just doesn’t seem fair. A life so beautiful of someone so loved. A life of a person who has been a blessing for so many, ended. It never seems fair. For those still left on the earth, there is now a hole in which that one life once filled. A hole that one will feel when they remember them, think about them, and wish they were here with us to do those activities they had always done with us. To refine the lessons they were in the midst of teaching us, until the point it is like second nature. Nonetheless, through their loss, we go into the midst of learning a whole new lesson. Things we once had help with, we now have to on our own. We have our part to write, and our story does not end when our friend passes, but it continues with them as a chapter or few in our life book. The things they were able to teach us have impressed on our souls so deeply, that we should never forget.

Carrie Mueller, a lady who shared her love and wisdom with those who were all around her, but with teenagers and young adults the most. Her influencing mentoring and blessed abundant love, not only greatly stained my life with joy and blessings, but the lives of my friends those young people I didn’t even know. She shared her earthly wisdom, that we all needed to know, like education, because she was a talented and beloved educator and mentor. When it came to craftiness and design, she could tell who she would love to spread her wings over and teach her tricks and give her tips to, so that whatever the project was, it looked its absolute best.

I was one of those who she spread her wings over. Carrie let me into her home, into her life, and into her heart. She made me feel like a daughter of her own. She scolded me if and when I needed it, in a loving, motherly way. However, what she taught me, I always treasure. She could see me. See my God given gifts and everything we ever did together centered on them. Her design talents and my artistic talents were combined into something beautiful: a focal wall for the high school room at church. We honored God there. She and I designed it together, and she guided me in the ways of which it would look best painted. So, with my natural artistic ability that cross we drew upon that wall looked like real wood, and those squares and rectangles looked like wallpaper; after many short lessons from Carrie on how to paint them. The wall is still in tact today, but the room is not longer the high school classroom, but and adult Bible study classroom instead.

A beautiful lady, inside and out. Her eyes lit up with smiles, all the way to her final days. Her helpful heart, joyful spirit, and abundant love cascaded over the hearts, minds, and souls of so many teenager, young adults, and everyone she met. A treasure to me, and I person, I and so many others will miss so deeply. My life was changed for the better after meeting Carrie, and I know so many other lives were changed for the better as well. A woman who spread her wings over me on earth, is now spreading them up in heaven. I love you Carrie Mueller, now and forever.