What was He Seeking?

In The Beginning

What was He Seeking?

What was he seeking,
when he chased after all those girls back then?
Was he looking for one to replace his mother
or trying to fill a void?
Could there been a hurt so deep that he
thought pretty girls would fix it?
What is it about sex that
entice, entangle, engulf guys so much?
Is it that they are programmed from a young age
to think of women as an object
to be looked at, used, and thought of as pleasure?
Where did this start and,
how do we make it end?

In the garden it began,
When Eve disobeyed God.
When God cursed Eve and her offspring,
taking away the perfection that was promised,
making child bearing painful,
allowing Satan to roam free.
Satan whispered to Eve,
as he whispered to us,
nudging us towards a life of sin;
wanting us to waste away in pleasures
that do not satisfy,
so we seek more and more,
until we are in ruins.

there is one who saves.
One who can
take it all away.

“God gave His only begotten son,
so whoever believes in him shall not parish,
but have eternal life.”
John 3:16

Jesus paid four our sins,
On the cross,
With his life,
in full,
so that all our sins
could be forgiven.

But we must ask for forgiveness
By confessing with our mouth,
and repenting our behavior.
Although, sometimes we need help,
and we ask others to pray with us;
allowing God to move within us,
opening up the deep wounds,
and healing us completely.
Reclaiming our souls,
making them pure.

We feel cleansed from the inside out,
and our lives improve dramatically.

Suddenly, things are just better for us.
Suddenly, it seems silly to not forgive.

As long as God holds our hearts
and we obey His commands,
Satan will be unable to touch us.
His influence will have worn off
and continue to do so,
as long as we stand firm in temptation,
and pass our test.

The more we love God and focus on Him,
the less we will desire what is in the world,
and we won’t feel the need to chase
all those pretty girls.

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