Another Millennial lost in a Helpless Generation

“Before I have formed you in the womb, I knew you, and before you were born, I consecrated you; I appointed you a prophet to the nations.” Jeremiah 1:5

As you all are well aware, there was a new law passed in the state of New York that allows abortion up to the point of birth. Up to the point of birth. Are you kidding me? Now, we can actually see the human form, feel the human flesh, and hear the baby’s cries. This has turned into outright murder. Just because a human may not value the life of that child, that does not mean that God does not. Just because a human may think it best to just go ahead and kill that child, God brought that child life.

This morning I woke up with a vicious attitude and just wanted nothing to do with going to church, because I did not want to see anybody, be rude to them, and then proceed to hurt them in any way that would damage any friendship built up between us. But I went, and guess what, I heard about babies getting killed and my generation ever tightening the notion of ours being the absolute worst. We are not doing ourselves any favors by voting to kill innocent children, especially when there is another option that was put in place for women who want to carry their child to term, but not keep the child, and that is called adoption.

It is no wonder that I, personally, have been conflicted and confused about what actions to take in regards about what to do about living in a way that pleases the Lord, and in a way that I see is not perfect, but not so bad that it is considered evil either; something most twenty-something year-olds Christians have to make decisions about. There are situations that, us as women, tend to fall into and it is girl after girl who falls. Men come along, sweep up our heart, blindsiding us, we try out birth control, take the morning after pill, while completely unaware that our “man” is looking at porn and the only reason us girls feels so compelled to preform more and more in bed is because, for some reason, we feel like we are not enough. This goes on until someone ends the relationship, or the girl winds up pregnant. Decisions, decisions. Other times it is because of the evil act of rape that the girl winds up pregnant. Oh, decisions to make here too. It does not help that literature, music, and television practically glamorize the act of killing babies.

For every young woman who has used the morning after pill, this is for you. Our God is a God of forgiveness, but only if you decide that you are out of the business of killing babies. Maybe pray every time, because I understand that this is not any easy topic to think about or discuss. A person is a person at the time of conception. A person is a person when God has decided they are, even before the time of conception, even before you ever thought once about being a parent. You may have a sex that was not the one you hoped for, but every child that is placed in every parent’s life, was the exact child that God had intended to be in their life.

Also, there is hope for our men too. All we have to do is pray, be Godly, and let God take care of the rest. Don’t try to change your man, you can and will do more harm than good.

Millennials, please, let’s step it up. Go read your Bible and stop making things up about The Word that is untrue. Every person is special to God. Every person has a place in God’s plan. We are simply in his world, we can by no means “fit” him into ours. He is too big and marvelous for that. Let’s start repenting and looking to God for His guidance.

Dear Lord,

I thank you for this surge of disscontempt. I thank you for turning it around and making it into something useful and good. I pray for my generation of millennials, understanding that I am no where near perfect, that we, as a collective, can stop feeding our flesh and caring more about the heart and taking care of our souls. Remind us all that we are no better than anyone else, and that our weight is equal. That we have all sinned, whether a lot or just a little bit. Help us all to reach out and care for each other, reaching out with a hand of understanding, instead of a hand of judgement. For if we feel judged in our own heart, that we always remember who loves us, most, just the way we are made.

In Jesus name,




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