A Prayer for Our Students

A Prayer for our Students for Instagram

Dear Lord,

Bless your Name on high.

I thank you for the students of every school in out nation.

I thank you for their parents and for their teachers.

I thank you for their education and the discipline they endure to go to school and learn everyday. I thank you for their respect towards others and those in charge. I thank you for your opportunity to pray over out student, parents, and teachers.

Lord, if there is any area that the child, parents, and teachers lack, please fill this void. I pray that you are once again able to take your rightful place in the classroom. Walls get broken down. That they see you as God, and they see themselves as human. Rock these children to their very core, and see them through. May they see you in all who call themselves Christian, and be able to spot the fake, and follow in the path of the authentic. Change their values, to line up with yours. Fill their minds with thoughts from you. Take the vail from their eyes and reveal to them who the true enemy is.

May they realize this is a matter of the heart. It is not a matter of the weapon. I pray that theses children, parents, and teachers, align themselves up with you and that your compassion comes out, overflowing. Soften their hearts. Guide them in discipline. Teach them your ways, and may they heed it. Refresh their sole, dear Lord.


I pray these things,



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A Prayer for our Students for Pintrest
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